What is GTM Velocity?

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GTM Velocity is more than a mere concept. This is our battle cry against GTM Bloat.

It's an innovative strategy brought to life - making the transition from being bogged down by inefficiencies to achieving maximum velocity.

But how does one bring about this transformation and swap "Got Bloat" for "Get Velocity"?

1. Simplified Tooling: From Chaos to Clarity

GTM Velocity's first step is whittling down excessive tooling, a bane of GTM Bloat.

With Copy.ai, we transition GTM teams from a maze of endless tools to a focused toolkit. This AI solution learns about each prospect's role, company, and interests, enabling the generation of tailored email sequences in no time.

In GTM Velocity, a simplified, smart toolset replaces a labyrinthine, not just streamlining operations but accelerating them.

2. Streamlined Workflows: Unraveling Complexity

Next, GTM Velocity addresses the convoluted workflows that impede progress.

For example, using natural language processing, AI can swiftly analyze unstructured text data from hundreds of call transcripts. Instead of a Rube Goldberg machine bogging us down, we now have a streamlined process revealing valuable insights and enabling more refined GTM strategies.

3. Improved Deal Health: Clarity from Confusion

A GTM strategy's survival depends on a healthy pipeline of deals—an area typically lacking clarity in GTM Bloat.

Copy.ai empowers teams by providing a clear view of deal health. AI automates competitive research, giving teams unparalleled insights much faster than traditional methods, saving precious time and providing a birds-eye view of sales conversations.

4. Aligned Teams: Synchronized Success

Finally, with GTM Velocity, teams in disarray can find synchronicity, aligning sales, marketing, product, and operations.

Using Copy.ai, we're better equipped to ensure that all teams share the same vision, optimizing their efforts, eliminating duplicated work, and reinforcing a congruent message to the market.

What to Do Next...

Recognizing and eliminating symptoms of Bloat, such as excessive tooling, convoluted workflows, lack of deal health insights, and misalignment, is only the start.

Your next step is to craft doctrines of Velocity — simplifying tooling, streamlining workflows, enhancing deal health, and fostering team cohesion.

Start by exploring the various use cases from our AI Sales OS to improve your GTM strategy.

Ready to take it for a spin? Book a live demo to see how Copy.ai can debloat your sales operations.  

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