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Did you know the average open rate for cold emails is a pitiful 18%? Yet these emails are still one of the most effective ways for businesses to reach new prospects.

The problem is that most cold emails are generic spam that get ignored or deleted.

Prospects are inundated with irrelevant sales pitches that don't speak to their specific needs.

Before AI, crafting personalized cold emails at scale was nearly impossible. Sales reps had to manually research prospects and write customized emails one by one.

This was incredibly time-consuming and ineffective. And the result was a flood of generic emails full of sales jargon.

But now, AI is transforming cold email outreach.

How Cold Outreach Looked Before AI

Cold outreach used to be a very manual and time-consuming process for sales teams.

Sales reps would have to do extensive research on each prospect they wanted to reach out to - looking up their role, seniority, background, company information, and more.

This could take up to 30 minutes for just a single cold outreach email.

Sales reps would start from scratch each time they wanted to reach out to a new prospect. They might search on LinkedIn or Google to find bits and pieces of information on the prospect's background and role.

Then they would have to craft a personalized email, ensuring it resonates with that specific individual. It was an inefficient and tedious process.

With so much effort required for each cold call or email, sales teams could only manage a limited number of prospects per day.

Scaling cold outreach while maintaining quality was a constant challenge.

This manual process also resulted in ineffective outreach that didn't personalized or relevant to prospects.

However, the use of AI is transforming cold outreach for modern sales teams.

How AI Has Transformed Cold Outreach

The use of AI is automating and optimizing many aspects of cold outreach for modern sales teams.

Instead of sales reps spending 30 minutes researching each prospect, AI can instantly pull together relevant information from various sources online.

AI tools can take a prospect's name, company, and LinkedIn profile and immediately generate a detailed profile.

This includes their role, seniority, work history, skills, interests, and more. Reps no longer have to dig around on the internet piecing these details together.

In addition, AI can generate personalized, relevant messaging for each prospect profile it creates.

Rather than reps starting from scratch, AI gives them pre-written email and LinkedIn templates tailored to the individual prospect. This messaging resonates much better, leading to higher response rates.

With these automated insights and messaging, reps can now efficiently research and engage hundreds of prospects per day.

The process is scaled and streamlined with the help of AI. Outreach is also more effective and personalized for each prospect.

It delivers the insights and custom messaging needed to connect with prospects at scale.

As AI capabilities continue advancing, the cold email will become an even more powerful tool for sales teams.

The future of outreach is, ironically, much warmer now thanks to AI.

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