How to Do Lead Enrichment

Learn how you can use AI to enrich leads and keep your CRM up-to-date.

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Did you know that only 25% of sales leads that businesses receive contain enough information for sales reps to have a meaningful conversation? The other 75% lack key details like the prospect's role, budget, or timeline.

This is the lead enrichment problem - turning those sparse leads into qualified opportunities.  

Before AI, sales and marketing teams had to manually research and enrich each lead. This meant combing through LinkedIn, company websites, and other sources to fill in missing details. It was a tedious, time-consuming process that kept reps from more valuable selling activities.  

But now, AI is transforming lead enrichment. Keep reading to learn how machine learning can automatically enrich leads with missing information at scale, freeing up reps to focus on high-value conversations.

With AI, your sales team can convert more prospects faster. Let's explore the lead enrichment revolution powered by artificial intelligence.

How Sales Teams Approached Lead Enrichment Before AI

In the past, sales teams relied on basic lead enrichment solutions to gather information about leads and accounts.

These solutions would find fundamental contact details like name, company, and job title. While having this data was useful, it didn't provide reps with a full picture. Sales reps were left to fill in the gaps themselves through research and guesswork.  

For example, if a lead's title was "CMO," the rep would have to infer what responsibilities were included in that role at the prospect's company. They would dig through the prospect's LinkedIn profile or company website to try and piece together the lead's technical skills, goals, and challenges.

This was a manual, time-consuming process. Reps were essentially flying blind when reaching out to prospects since they lacked key context.

Now, AI is transforming lead enrichment to solve these problems for sales teams.  

How AI is Revolutionizing Lead Enrichment

Instead of sales reps manually researching leads, AI can now automatically enrich leads with a wealth of relevant information.

AI lead enrichment tools integrate seamlessly with CRM systems.

As soon as a new lead is added, the AI gets to work enriching the record. It scours the internet and internal databases to uncover details like the lead's role, responsibilities, skills, goals, challenges, and potential objections.

For example, if the lead is a CMO, the AI would determine their strategic objectives based on analysis of their social media posts and company website. It can tell that growing market share and boosting brand awareness are top priorities.

The AI also evaluates the lead’s LinkedIn profile to identify relevant skills like digital marketing and analytics.

With these AI-powered insights, sales reps no longer waste time playing detective. Instead, they already understand key details about leads before ever reaching out.

This allows them to have personalized, relevant conversations that build trust and rapport.

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