How to Do Competitive Research

Learn how you can use AI for competitive research to make sure you stay one step ahead.

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Have you ever wondered how your competitors are staying one step ahead? Running effective competitive research is crucial for any business, but it can be a daunting task.

Before AI, analysts would spend countless hours manually scouring the web for insights about competitor products, pricing, and more.

The process was tedious and time-consuming, often yielding incomplete or outdated information.

But now, there is a better way.

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing competitive research, delivering comprehensive insights with unrivaled speed and efficiency.

AI tools can now analyze millions of data points across the web and social media, providing up-to-date intelligence on competitor activities and market trends.

With just a few clicks, you can gain the competitive advantage you need to outpace rivals and seize new opportunities.

Competitive Intelligence Before AI

In the past, competitive research was a tedious manual process for sales teams.

Sales reps would have to go to review sites like G2, manually search for each competitor, and try to piece together pros, cons and key differentiators from scattered reviews and incomplete profiles.

For example, when researching Vercel, reps would have to dig through their G2 profile, clicking through features, reviews and alternatives just to get a sense of their value proposition, competitive positioning and reputation.

Important details were spread across reviews, requiring extensive synthesis. This process then had to be repeated for every competitor - an inefficient use of sales reps' limited time.

Now, AI tools like are automating this competitive research by instantly generating complete competitive reports tailored to the sales team's needs.

How AI Has Changed Competitive Intelligence

Our AI Sales OS is transforming competitive intelligence for sales teams by automating the previously tedious and manual research process. This platform can instantly generate a full competitive report on any company just by entering their name.

For example, when researching Vercel, pulls key details from across the web and structures them into an easy-to-digest report.

This includes summarizing Vercel's products, value proposition, customer base, and more - all in one place.

Reps no longer have to dig through various sites and scattered reviews to piece together insights. The AI does the heavy lifting for them by synthesizing and analyzing the most relevant competitive details.

With, sales reps can get a comprehensive overview of any competitor in seconds. This allows them to quickly identify strengths, weaknesses, differentiators and opportunities relative to their own solution.

AI Sales OS eliminates the need for reps to manually research each competitor one by one, freeing up time to focus on selling.

And this is just the beginning - check out our other AI Sales OS workflows to see how you can move AI futher up your tech-stack for a more robust integration.

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