How to Leverage AI as a Sales Manager

Learn how you can leverage AI as a sales manager for your entire team.

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It's true - artificial intelligence is transforming the role of the sales manager.

In the past, sales managers spent countless hours tracking metrics, analyzing data, and micromanaging their teams. It was a tedious and time-consuming job. Sales reps struggled with lack of support and inefficient processes.

But now, AI is taking over many of the administrative burdens of sales managers.

AI sales managers can track every interaction and metric, identify trends and patterns, and optimize workflows.

This liberates human sales managers to focus on higher value work - coaching and motivating their teams.

With AI handling the grunt work, sales managers can develop their reps into top performers.

They have time to mentor struggling reps and customize incentives for star players. The result is happier, more productive teams.

The Old Way: Manual and Inefficient Deal Management

Before AI, sales teams took a largely manual approach to managing their deals and pipeline.

Sales reps would rely on their own intuition and guesses to determine deal health, identify gaps, and strategize next steps. They would have to provide personal assessments of deals on forecast calls, but these perspectives were limited by individual biases and knowledge gaps.

Without an objective data-driven system, it was easy for deals to stall without anyone noticing in time.

Sales managers lacked visibility into all the moving parts of a deal that might impact its health and progress. This made it difficult to coach reps on what actions were needed to push deals forward and close them successfully.

The scattered and siloed nature of sales data also posed a problem. Important deal insights could be buried across meeting transcripts, emails, CRM records and other systems.

Manually piecing all of this together to form an accurate picture of any given deal was tedious, inconsistent and time consuming.

As a result, sales teams struggled to align on deal strategies and priorities.

The AI-Powered Future: Data-Driven Deal Management

Now, AI is stepping in to solve these deal management challenges for sales teams.

AI can automatically analyze all available data on a deal - transcripts, CRM, etc. It then outputs an objective deal health score and summary, surfacing any red flags or gaps.

The AI goes further by prescribing clear next steps the sales team should take to progress the deal. It even suggests targeted sales strategies based on its analysis.

This gives sales reps an unbiased second opinion on their deals, while still allowing them to incorporate their own human insights. Rather than relying on guesswork, reps can now focus execution on data-backed recommendations.

AI delivers the visibility sales managers need to accurately forecast revenue and double down on the right deals.

With AI optimizing deal management, sales teams can work smarter and close more deals.

Sales organizations that leverage these AI tools will be poised to boost deal velocity, reduce bottlenecks, and ultimately drive more revenue.

In other words, the age of manual sales management is over.

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