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Did you know AI can now generate highly targeted sales prospects seemingly out of thin air?

Finding and qualifying sales leads has historically been an arduous and time-consuming process for sales teams. Cold calling and buying expensive lead lists often result in low response rates and wasted resources.

But now, with the power of AI, sales teams can effortlessly uncover quality prospects that perfectly match their ideal customer profile.

Read on to learn how AI is conquering the lead generation dilemma once and for all.

Pre-AI Prospecting Methods

In the past, sales teams had to put in a tremendous amount of manual work to identify and engage prospects at target companies.

First, they would start by identifying a company they wanted to target.

From there, they had to dig through various websites, databases, and LinkedIn to try and find the right people at that company, like sales directors or VPs of sales.

This was an extremely tedious process that relied heavily on guesswork and filtering through tons of irrelevant profiles and webpages.

Once they finally compiled a list, reps would then have to manually customize emails and outreach messaging. This additional step was also time-intensive, as they tried to personalize communications based on each prospect's role and needs.

As a result, outbound prospecting ate up a great deal of time that reps could have otherwise spent closing deals.

How AI Has Changed Prospecting

Now, AI solutions are transforming this antiquated prospecting process.

Instead of manually digging through websites and LinkedIn, sales reps can simply input their target company and desired prospect criteria into an AI-powered engine.

The AI then automatically queries relevant databases and sources to identify prospects matching those parameters.

For example, the AI solution described in the video can take a target company name and job titles as inputs. It will then leverage advanced search algorithms and data sources to output a list of prospects fitting the specified criteria.

Reps no longer have to spend hours researching and filtering through irrelevant contacts.

The AI handles this grunt work automatically to deliver a customized prospect list.

These AI engines use natural language processing to analyze massive amounts of data.

As a result, they can search across the web and identify ideal prospects with high accuracy. AI has essentially automated the busywork that used to eat up so much of a rep's time during prospecting.

This allows them to be more strategic by spending time personalizing messaging instead of manually combing through websites. AI is revolutionizing outbound prospecting.

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