How to Automate Lead Scoring

Learn how to quickly and easily automate lead scoring so your team knows which accounts to prioritize.

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Lead scoring has always been a crucial sales and marketing task.

Sales reps need to know which leads to prioritize and nurture in order to boost conversions.

Traditionally, this was done using basic criteria like demographics, firmographics, and lead source. But these methods often missed key signals that indicated buyer intent and readiness.

Now, with advancements in AI and machine learning, lead scoring has become much more sophisticated.The results are incredible - increased sales productivity, reduced wasted effort, and higher marketing ROI.

Lead Scoring Pre-AI

Before AI, lead scoring and prioritization was an arduous manual process for sales teams.

Sales reps would have to dig through numerous data sources to gather information on leads, like LinkedIn profiles and company websites.

They'd look for details on the lead's role, seniority, company size, industry, and try to make a subjective determination of whether that lead was a good fit.

For example, in the video above, our sales rep wants to assess if Kevin and his company are worth pursuing. The rep would have to search for Kevin's LinkedIn, read through his profile, and summarize the key details like his 25 years of experience and current executive role.

Based on limited data, the rep would then make a manual judgement to categorize Kevin as a tier 1, 2 or 3 lead. This process was time consuming, prone to human bias, and difficult to scale across all inbound leads.

Now, AI is transforming lead scoring for sales teams.

Lead Scoring with AI

With the rise of AI, lead scoring and prioritization has become automated, data-driven, and much more efficient.

Rather than relying on manual research and guesswork, sales reps now use AI software to instantly evaluate leads.

The AI can gather data from numerous sources like LinkedIn, company websites, and customer relationship management systems. It scans these sources to identify signals that indicate lead quality - such as seniority, company size, industry, intent keywords, and interaction history.

Within seconds, the AI can process all the data and score leads on a consistent scale - for example rating them tier 1, 2 or 3.

For example, if you watched the video above, we saw how the sales rep could simply input the name "Kevin" and immediately view his full profile, company details, lead score, and recommendation on whether he is a hot lead worth pursuing now versus a lower priority lead.

Plus, all of this information can be sent directly to stakeholders who need that information via Slack or email.

AI takes care of the heavy lifting, while enabling reps to focus on building relationships with high-potential leads.

The benefits are clear: improved sales productivity, optimized marketing ROI, and increased revenue.

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