How to Improve Inbound Lead Management

Lean how you can treat inbound leads with AI for a better prospect experience.

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Did you know that businesses lose almost 70% of their leads because they can't respond to them fast enough?

With the influx of digital channels like social media and email, companies are getting bombarded with customer inquiries.

But manually sorting through and responding to each lead is incredibly time-consuming.

Before AI, sales reps wasted hours every day just trying to keep up with new leads. They'd have to manually log info into CRMs, identify top prospects, and craft personalized outreach. It was a constant struggle to engage with leads quickly enough to convert them into sales.

Now, AI is transforming lead management.

How Sales Teams Handled Leads Before AI

In the past, sales teams took a more manual approach to handling inbound leads.

When a new lead signed up on a company's website, the lead information would come into the CRM but take more effort for sales reps to leverage.

The rep would have to dig through the lead's information, click through to their LinkedIn profile, and manually think through how their offering might be a good fit based on the lead's role and industry.

This process was time consuming and often resulted in generic outreach emails to new leads.

Since reps had to handle lead intake manually, the outreach was rarely personalized and relevant to that specific person.

Leads would receive a spray-and-pray email with a generic pitch about the product. This wasted time for both the sales rep and the lead.

Now, processes that used to be manual are being automated with the help of AI.

How AI Has Revolutionized Lead Handling

With AI Sales OS, lead handling has become much more streamlined and effective.

Instead of sales reps manually digging through each new lead, AI can instantly analyze the lead's information and determine the best next steps.

AI solutions can scan the lead's website, LinkedIn profile, and any other available data to build an understanding of their needs and challenges.

Based on this analysis, the AI can automatically recommend relevant content, messaging, and product solutions for that specific lead.

For example, an AI system could determine that a new lead works at a retail company, and recommend sending over case studies about supply chain optimization and personalized promotions. The rep then simply needs to review these AI-generated recommendations and can save time by avoiding manual research.

AI takes the guesswork out of lead outreach.

The result is that leads receive personalized, relevant follow up right from the start, making them more likely to engage.

AI has transformed inbound leads from a manual chore into a delightful experience for both sales reps and their prospects.

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